4 Ways To Avoid Picking Up Bed Bugs When You Travel


Bed bugs have become an increasingly huge problem throughout the country; especially in urban areas. With bed bug infestations on the rise, it is prudent to take care of yourself and your home. More importantly, make sure that you don't pick up bed bugs while you're traveling. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about four ways to avoid picking up bed bugs when you travel, when and where you should look for bed bugs, and what to do when you encounter these pesky pests.


There are ways to avoid bed bugs that involve you doing a few things before you even leave the comfort of your own home. When using luggage, remember that plastic, clamp suitcases are much better for keeping out pests than regular kinds. These kinds of cases are also heavy duty, so they're great for keeping your belongings from breaking during long plain rides, as well. Put all of your perishable belongings in plastic bags and make sure to take them out only when absolutely necessary.

Hotel Room Inspection

During travel stays, most people tend to stay in hotel rooms. Remember that hotels can be a hotbed of bed bug activity due to the number of people from different walks of life and different parts of the nation (or even world) that stay there. Bed bugs like to hide in nooks and nannies. The first thing you should upon arrival to your hotel room is to undo the covers and linens of the bed and make sure that no bed bugs have made their home in between the tightness of the sheets present on your bed. Look behind the headboard and even between the box springs and mattress. Turn off the light and use a flashlight, if you must, as bed bugs are more active in the dark.

Reporting An Outbreak

A great way to go about avoiding bed bugs in a hotel is to get as much help as possible. It is impossible to squash an outbreak of your own accord. Just because you were able to kill a few of the bugs does not mean that you were able to get them all. It is imperative to contact the management of the hotel as soon as possible. Let them know about the potential outbreak that has occurred within the confines of your hotel room. Work with management, as this is the best way to resolve the situation and, first things first, make sure that they transfer you to a new room as quickly as possible.

Returning Home

Just because your trip is over does not mean you can stop fretting about a potential outbreak of bed bugs. It is important to check for bed bugs on return from your trip, as bed bugs can travel on your clothes, suitcase, or any number of pieces of luggage or items that you bring back home from your trip with you. The first thing you should do upon returning, especially if you suspect bed bugs, is to check your suitcase for bedbugs away from your furniture and beds, as well as any clothes. If you do believe that you have brought bed bugs home, put your clothes in plastic bags and then in the freezer for at least 4 days to kill the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are infernal beasts. The best way to take a stand against them is to be proactive, especially if you are going on a trip or returning from one. If you do happen to bring home bedbugs, there are pest control companies that can help you with bed bug control


22 December 2015

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