Keeping Mice Out Of Your Garage: Four Ideas To Consider


While you may notice mice in your house fairly quickly, they might not be as easy to spot in your garage. This is particularly true if you don't spend a lot of time in the garage. This part of your home is typically filled with things mice love, including sources of food and nesting materials. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to control your mouse problem before it takes over your property. Here are just some things to consider as you work to prevent a mouse infestation in the garage.

Secure Pet Food

Your garage is a handy place to store dog and cat food or bird seed, but unfortunately, that makes your garage more inviting to mice. They can consider your pet food their food. Avoid storing these items in bags on the ground where they are easily accessible. Instead, consider placing them in a metal storage cabinet inside the garage. The metal is more difficult for mice to chew through, and it also provides the added bonus of helping to keep the garage organized.

Get Rid Of Boxes

Mice can chew through cardboard, and they can do this to any boxes you have stored in the garage. The mice can use the cardboard to create nests in your garage. Remove this temptation by using plastic storage containers to hold your items, and place them on shelving units in the garage. Mice can still chew through plastic, but the containers will make it a bit more difficult to find nesting material in your home. If you are handy with tools, consider building a storage space in the rafters of your garage to make your storage containers even more difficult for mice to access.

Secure The Doors

Mice can chew through a number of materials, and that can include the area around your doors. Consider installing metal mouse guards at the bottom of the weather stripping for your doors. This can prevent the mice from chewing through enough to create an entrance to your home. You can also install rubber sweeps in the track of your garage door to seal off potential entry points to the garage. It's important to remember to keep the garage door closed when you aren't entering or exiting, as leaving them open will cancel out any of these prevention techniques for your doors.

Clean The Garage

Clutter gives mice plenty of places to hide, so the less clutter in the garage the better. Try to keep items off of the floors, and use metal storage solutions whenever possible. As with the inside of your home, be sure to empty the trash in the garage regularly. If you have a refrigerator in the garage, you may want to consider moving it into the home to prevent mice from chewing their way inside to your stash of food.

If you suspect you have a mouse problem in your garage, contact a rodent control service, like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc, to do an inspection. Put this plan into action, and work with the rodent control expert to get rid of pesky mice on your property.


13 March 2017

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