3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Bug Infestations In Your Home


Every homeowner knows how hard it can be to keep bugs out of your house. It feels like once they have taken over, there is no stopping them. That is why prevention is the key. Although, even if you already have a infestation it can be treated, it is just harder. So ideally you should protect your house from ever having a full on infestation of bugs. Here are some things you should know.

1. Keep Food Off The Ground

The first thing you should make a habit in your home is to keep the floors clear of food. If you have food on the floor, or the items in your pantry are not properly sealed, it is very likely that bugs will rush to your house. This is why you should make sure you are sweeping and vacuuming the floor often, even a couple times a day if you have children in the house. You should also invest in some good storage bins that store the food in an airtight manner so that it doesn't attract pests and rodents.

2. Take Care Of The Yard

Another thing people fail to take care of is their yard. They think that they only need to take care of their house because that is where they don't want the bugs, but in many cases the yard is where the bugs breed and nest. If you are spraying your house only, it is likely that you will still have a infestation because of your yard. This is why you should have professionals come in and spray the yard. If you cannot have professionals come, than at the very least, buy your own chemicals and spray all of the flower beds and grassy areas by your house, the doors and window wells, and anywhere else where there is an opening to the house.

3. Treat The Problem Year Round

Lastly, don't make the mistake of thinking that this is only a problem during the warm months. Although you might notice the problem more in the summer and spring, it is a year round problem. The bugs are nesting and laying eggs in your house and yard even in the winter. This is why spraying the house year round will be the best way to prevent a infestation of your property. Usually every 3 months or so is enough.

By doing these things you can prevent a bug infestation in your home. 


5 April 2017

Choosing Safe, Effective Pest Control

When we realized that our daughter had severe allergies, we started thinking about what types of products we were using around our home. Instead of spraying things everywhere, we started focusing on natural, herbal remedies. Believe it or not, we even found chemical free ways to control the pests in our house. We contacted an all natural pest control company who specialized in effective, humane treatment. For example, we substituted our chemical rodent traps for glue versions, which allowed the rodents to be released back into the wild. Check out this blog for tips for choosing safe, effective pest control methods.