How To Keep Carpenter Ants From Eating Your Home


Most ants are just a minor annoyance. They get into the sugar and freak you out a little when they crawl across your hand. Carpenter ants are a whole other story. These big, hungry ants eat wood, and they can cause a lot of damage to the wooden structures in your home. It's important to do all you can to keep carpenter ants at bay. Here are three such strategies:

Keep things dry.

Carpenter ants are most interested in moist wood, so if you can keep your home dry, you won't have to worry about them as much. Moisture is most often an issue in the basement. Set up a dehumidifier down there to remove moisture from the air. If you have any leaking pipes, have them repaired promptly. Also, make sure your air conditioner's drain pipe is clear so that water is draining away quickly rather than pooling on the floor.

If you have water coming into your basement through cracks in the foundation, this is important to have addressed. Note that foundation cracks are not usually as expensive to repair as you might think. It's cheaper to have them fixed now than to deal with a lot of wood damage caused by carpenter ants and rotting wood in a few months.

Keep space between your home and the shrubbery.

In many homes, the shrubs sit close up against the home's foundation. The problem with this is that it gives ants somewhere to hide. They'll be attracted to the shady area and can easily enter through any cracks they find behind the shrubs. Maintain some space between the shrubs and the building to prevent the ants from entering. This means you'll need to trim your shrubs on a regular basis and also pull up any weeds that are growing too close to the building.

Store firewood far away from your home.

Carpenter ants are often first attracted to wood piles. Then, when their colony grows large, they start looking for other food sources and work their way into your home. You can help keep this from happening by storing your firewood as far from your home as possible. Also make sure you rotate through your firewood, using the oldest wood first so it does not get the chance to get too soft and rotten.

If you do notice any carpenter ants in your home, contact an ant control company ASAP. This is one type of ant to take seriously.


6 September 2017

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