Rent Your Property With Confidence By Getting Routine Pest Control


Becoming a landlord for the first time is tough because you need to maintain a functioning property for your tenants, but there are so many details that must be considered. While you will learn things along the way, you should do everything you can to maximize your confidence because this will instill confidence in potential tenants and make you feel better about renting.

You do not want to pass up on any important services, even if they are preventive measures. For instance, the home may have never had a pest-related problem, but instead of hoping it stays that way, you should get routine pest control to improve your confidence as a landlord.

Inspect the Rental Beforehand

The first step that you should take is inspecting the whole rental. Although you may have looked at the home yourself, a pest control expert will know what to look for with pests. Many pests can go unseen and cause immense damage, but they often leave behind signs such as droppings.

If a professional finds any pests, they can start taking measures to eliminate them. Getting this service right away is smart because full extermination can take time to guarantee. You may not want to try renting out the property while you are still figuring out if all the pests are gone.

Take Preventive Measures

Once you have established that there are no pests on your rental property, you can take preventive measures. Applying pest spray around the property is an excellent idea. A pest control professional can also tell you where the weak points in the landscape and inside the house.

If you want to invest more into the rental, you can make changes as needed. For instance, you may want to remove tree stumps in the yard to avoid attracting pests to them. Some pests eat stumps or turn them into homes, which then increases the chances of them exploring nearby.

Work with the Tenants

When you start meeting with potential tenants, you can briefly mention that the home will be treated with pest control to make them feel confident about their rental experience. After accepting an application, you can begin discussing the dates that pest control service will happen.

If you allow pets, you should make sure they know that the pets are not outside during the service. You can also provide information such as closing windows around the service hours.

Handling a matter such as pest control should make you feel better about managing a rental. Visit a site like for more help.


26 November 2017

Choosing Safe, Effective Pest Control

When we realized that our daughter had severe allergies, we started thinking about what types of products we were using around our home. Instead of spraying things everywhere, we started focusing on natural, herbal remedies. Believe it or not, we even found chemical free ways to control the pests in our house. We contacted an all natural pest control company who specialized in effective, humane treatment. For example, we substituted our chemical rodent traps for glue versions, which allowed the rodents to be released back into the wild. Check out this blog for tips for choosing safe, effective pest control methods.