Is It Possible To Tell Whether A Home Has Bed Bugs Before Buying It?


According to some statistics about 20 percent of homeowners have struggled with bed bug infestations or knew someone who was battling these pests. That means, if you're shopping for a home, there's a good chance you may end up with one that has these bugs already in residence. Unfortunately, the seller may not always be forthcoming about this type of infestation, so here are a few tips to help you determine if your future home has bed bugs.

Look Closely at the Furniture

Bed bugs are tiny vampires that like to feed on human blood. Thus, they are going to be in places where humans spend a lot of time. Although the bed is the most obvious culprit—hence their name—these pests can be found in any piece of furniture people use a lot, such as armchairs and couches.

These bugs will leave behind telltale evidence of their existence, such as rusty red stains and exoskeletons. Thus, scrumptiously inspect the furniture whenever you can, especially in the bedrooms. Look around headboards and baseboards, bedside tables, and chairs and sofas that are nearby. Additionally, look inside any crevices and cracks in the walls that may be near the bed, as bed bugs will make a home in these spaces too.

Use Your Nose

Your sense of smell can be very helpful in sniffing out a bed bug infestation. These pests release a pheromone sent that smells musty, like a wet towel has been sitting out for a while. The stronger the smell, the worse the infestation.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can also produce a musty odor, such as mold and mildew. Regardless, a bad smell in the home means you definitely should have it inspected by a professional who can take a closer look at problematic areas and confirm whether the home has a bed bug problem or not.

Look for Signs of Treatment

Another thing you should do is look for signs the homeowner attempted to treat the problem. For instance, there are a number of pesticides that can be used to kill the bugs. If you see a few bottles of these substances in the garage or shed, there's a chance the homeowner is battling the bugs.

Other ways bed bug infestations are treated include use of extreme heat and cold, vacuuming floors, steaming and sealing bedding and mattresses, and bagging infected clothing and other items to prevent the bugs from escaping to other areas.

As noted previously, if you suspect the seller may have bed bugs, it's best to have a pest control expert inspect the home to confirm whether or not there's a problem. You'll usually be able to negotiate a discount on the home because of the infestation and it'll be easier to treat the problem before you move in when the home is empty.

For more information about bed bug infestations, contact a local pest control company, like Arab Termite and Pest Control.


26 February 2018

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