How Controlling Mosquitoes Is Like Controlling Fire


Mosquitoes are such pests. You cannot really play in or enjoy your backyard when you are constantly scratching or slapping away mosquitoes. Controlling them is a problem too; they are like fire in that they need three things to survive. If you remove one thing that helps fire/mosquitoes survive and thrive, they are unable to continue. The following info will show how very much like fire mosquitoes are, and how various means of controlling them by removing what they need to thrive. 


Fires need fuel. Mosquitoes need food. If you can remove this component, fires and mosquitoes will die. For fires, it is as simple as removing anything combustible or easily burned, like wood or dry grass and leaves.

For mosquitoes, you have to be a little trickier because you have to stop the pests from biting you and your pets. Usually, this means slathering on the bug spray, but who wants to do that every time you step out of the house? A newer type of electric bug zapper, which uses carbon dioxide released in small puffs, draws the pesky mosquitoes to their death. (Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out; that is how they find you!) They think they are going in for food when really, they are heading into their electric death.


Fire consumes oxygen to survive. Remove the oxygen, and you smother the fire. For mosquitoes, the need is water.

If there are no standing pools of water or moisture in the grass, then the mosquitoes cannot breed. Removing anything from your yard in which water can accumulate will remove the mosquitoes' ability to lay eggs. No eggs, no larvae. No larvae, no nymphs. No nymphs, no adults to bite you. Since female mosquitoes can lay their eggs in a collected drop of water, that also means you will want to decrease the moisture in your yard. Your pest control expert can provide you with a spray-on product that will decrease the dampness after storms and intensely muggy days.


Fire needs heat. Quelch the heat with something cold, and the fire is out. Mosquitoes need heat, too. 

For mosquitoes, the heat they need is the summer heat. It is the only season hot enough to lay eggs and incubate the eggs so that their eggs hatch unattended and the larvae can grow. You cannot end the summer heat, but you can address the other heat they need; you. Decreasing your own skin temperature via a very cold pool or an ice-cold shower makes your blood too cold for the mosquitoes to drink. Cold also shrinks your blood vessels, making it difficult for the mosquitoes to tap.

For more information, contact your local mosquito control services.


8 June 2018

Choosing Safe, Effective Pest Control

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