When It's Time To Call A Pest Control Company


If you have an occasional spider or a handful of ants in your home, it's probably something you can take care of on your own with some store-bought pesticide or even a natural pesticide can do the trick, but if you have a bigger problem on your hands, you may want to call out the pros to help you. Read on for information on when to call a pest control company for help.

The Pests Are In Great Numbers

If you're noticing large numbers of the pest in your home, such as bed bugs in every room of your home and on everything, fleas on more than just your dog, or ants in just about every nook and cranny of your home, you most likely have an infestation and should call in a professional for help. If the problem is out of your control, nip the problem in the bud and get rid of the pests for good.

The Pests Are Causing Injury

If you have pests such as spiders that are biting you or bees or wasps stinging you constantly around your home, it's time to call a pest control company. One sting or an accidental bite is one thing, but if you can't even leave your house because of a nest, hive, or have nests of spiders in your home that are all causing you injury, you need to get rid of the problem. 

The Pests Are Bringing In Other Pests

If you have one pest invasion, you may have another one as well. Such as if you have rodents, you could also have roaches or ants. If you are noticing more than one infestation, you should call in a pro to help get rid of all of the pests before more come into your home. A pest control specialist can also help you find the source of the problem and how to make the repair to prevent a future infestation.

The Pests Are Dangerous

Sure wasps, bees, and spiders can be dangerous, but raccoons, rodents, possums, and bats can be very dangerous and can carry disease. These pests can invade your house or your yard and can be very dangerous to you or the people in your family. 

If you have pests in your home invading your space, and you aren't able to control the situation, you need to call a pest control company like Paffy's Pest Control for help before the problem gets out of hand.


21 August 2018

Choosing Safe, Effective Pest Control

When we realized that our daughter had severe allergies, we started thinking about what types of products we were using around our home. Instead of spraying things everywhere, we started focusing on natural, herbal remedies. Believe it or not, we even found chemical free ways to control the pests in our house. We contacted an all natural pest control company who specialized in effective, humane treatment. For example, we substituted our chemical rodent traps for glue versions, which allowed the rodents to be released back into the wild. Check out this blog for tips for choosing safe, effective pest control methods.