Have Pests In Your Crawl Space? Act Fast And Fix The Space


If you hate to go into your crawl space because there are insects, rodents or even reptiles, you want to get the experts over to your home right away. You want to do what you can to make sure that you get all of the pests properly removed, and then that you treat the space so the insects don't become a problem again in the future. Not only do you want to keep  insects out, but there are other ways that you can work to improve the crawl space overall.

Encapsulate the Crawl Space

You have to encapsulate the crawl space entirely so that nothing can get in and out through any cracks or openings. The different materials that can be used, like a waterproofing agent and then insulation, will help to keep the space dry, humid free and pest free.

Get quotes for the encapsulation and talk with the experts about looking at the sump pump if there is one in the space. Also ask about examining the ventilation.

Cover the Vents with Screens  

If you have grated vents or ventilation pipes, this could be how insects or other pests are getting in and out of the crawl space. You will want to have the vents covered with screens that are screwed into place, to be sure that the air can still pass without problem, but that pests can't get in and out through these areas. If you are having humidity problems inside the crawl, you may need other ventilation pipes or vents installed.

Evaluate the Exterior Materials

There are different things that could be attracting pests to the exterior of your home. If you have mulch, or wood that is stacked around the exterior of the home, when it gets wet an damp it could become a home or feeding area for many types of insects. Rodents may come to feed on these insects. Then these pests become interested in the home.

If you are worried that you now have an insect or pest problem in other areas of your home, because there where pests lingering in the crawl space, have the exterminators examine the house and then treat any pests or problems that they find. This way you will feel confident knowing that the crawl space is free of pests and that it has been properly maintained, and that the home is free of all pests as well.


20 March 2019

Choosing Safe, Effective Pest Control

When we realized that our daughter had severe allergies, we started thinking about what types of products we were using around our home. Instead of spraying things everywhere, we started focusing on natural, herbal remedies. Believe it or not, we even found chemical free ways to control the pests in our house. We contacted an all natural pest control company who specialized in effective, humane treatment. For example, we substituted our chemical rodent traps for glue versions, which allowed the rodents to be released back into the wild. Check out this blog for tips for choosing safe, effective pest control methods.